2 comments Sep 27, 2014

Update to my Roundcube skin

In my last post I introduced you to the release of my personal Roundcube skin. It’s been a few months, and in the meantime a new version of Roundcube arrived bringing changes to the way skins are handled. As it turns out, my skin wasn’t compatible with the new version. Therefore I’ve updated the skin – […]

25 comments Sep 10, 2014

Conjecture on the livestream of the 9. sep Apple keynote

Excited to watch Apple’s new innovative products, millions of people tuned in to the live webcast where Tim Cook revealed iPhone 6, Apple Pay and Apple Watch. As someone following the live stream while it happened, monitoring twitter feeds live chats during the event, one thing became clear to me immediately as the stream started […]

10 comments Jun 18, 2014

How to reverse engineer a wireless router

The Zyxel WRE2205 (rebranded Edimax EW-7303APN V2) is a plug-formed wireless extender. What’s interesting to me about this device is its extremely small size. Many of my standard power bricks like are larger than this unit — but they don’t contain a small Linux minicomputer and advanced wireless functionality. Trying out the WRE2205 for its intended purpose, I discovered that […]

3 comments Dec 18, 2013

Monitoring ’dd’ progress

You should in all likelyhood not be using dd to begin with. But here’s how to monitor progress if you do. On Linux, to view the progress of the file/disk copy tool dd, you could send the USR1 signal to get a progress output. This apparently doesn’t work on Apple’s OS. However, with Activity Monitor, […]

3 comments Apr 28, 2013

Fixing slow ProFTPd logins

Recently a few users on a Virtualmin server have experienced issues with slow FTP logins. It took a long time to login and often wouldn’t log in at all. To correect this, first log on to the Webmin interface on http://yourserver:10000. At the top left, click Webmin. A bit further down, under Servers, select ProFTPD Server. […]

7 comments Feb 26, 2013

A native KeePass app for Mac

Password storage is incredibly important to me. Since I began seeing friends and others get their identities and online lives taken away because of reusing and/or using weak passwords, I started taking password security extremely seriously. When I chose the utility to use for this, I had a couple basic requirements. It had to be […]

4 comments Feb 23, 2013

Sync SSH config across computers with Dropbox

Here’s a little time-saving tip for Mac OS X/Linux users: if you work with lots of different Macs and servers daily, store your SSH configuration file in dropbox, and create a symbolic link to it so you can sync it across your computers. With this, once I add a new machine to my SSH config, […]

11 comments Apr 13, 2012

InstaDJ – a quick way to assemble YouTube playlists

I made a website that lets you create YouTube playlists easily – and share them, too. Everybody is online nowadays. Nobody uses CDs anymore. So at parties it’s common to see a laptop hooked up to a stereo where people go up and select songs on YouTube during the night. It kinda sucks though: Music […]

0 comments Feb 9, 2012

Apple Predictions for 2012 – 2013

All Apple products with screens will begin to have Retina-grade displays, starting with the iPad 3 coming in the first half of 2012, then the MacBooks and finally the Thunderbolt display and iMacs. iPad 3 will have, other than retina display, double the ram, quad core processor, better 8MP camera, thinner, but same 10hr battery life. The […]

38 comments Aug 23, 2011

Mediacenter PC Review: Zotac ZBOX ID41

In this article I’ll be reviewing the Zotac ZBOX ID41, which is an inexpensive mini PC from Zotac. The thing about this PC is that it’s particularly appealing to media center owners and budget-constrained customers due to its price and small size. In this review I’ll look at some of the factors that are important to me for a […]

2 comments Apr 1, 2011

Google’s Aprils Fools 2011: Helvetica

So, if you search for Helvetica on Google today, this is what you’ll get:

0 comments Feb 24, 2011

MacBook Pro update: ThunderBolt, up to 6 displays?

Today Apple updated their MacBook Pro line of notebooks and adding several substantial features. I think the biggest of them all was the introduction of ThunderBolt. A new, high-speed port that allows the user to daisy chain 6 devices. The port is more than twice as fast as USB 3.0 with its 10 Gbit transfer […]

1 comments Dec 29, 2010

Fix: Securing the DD-WRT location vulnerability

My Internet router uses a software called DD-WRT instead of the default firmware. DD-WRT is an open-source alternative to the factory-installed firmware for some routers. Basically, it allows me to do more and have more control over my router. Today, however, I read about a location vulnerability in the DD-WRT Web administration interface. Using a […]

0 comments Nov 15, 2010


Today we went to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. A perfect opportunity to take some pictures with my new cheapo Canon point’n’shoot and post on my blog. This place has basically every notable Australian animal. It was an awesome place and out of season so there wasn’t a lot of people there.

0 comments Nov 14, 2010

Random Gold Coast pics

0 comments Sep 1, 2010

Brisbane: Southbank + Q-Tower

Some pictures from the last couple of weeks. We visited South Bank a couple of weeks ago and had lunch at a nice jazz restaurant in the evening. The South Bank area was an empty abandoned railroad area until it got rebuilt a few year ago. Now it’s a beautiful area with lots of restaurants, […]