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Toggling BIOS mode on Corsair keyboards

Some Corsair keyboards won't work in your computer's BIOS due to gaming optimizations -- any keys you press before booting an OS will not be recognized.

In order to use your keyboard in the BIOS, you must turn on "BIOS mode" for your keyboard. This mode apparently also is required to use the keyboard on Xbox or Playstation gaming consoles, and it is very hard to find documentation for this on the Corsair Web site, so here's a guide.

How to find the WINLOCK key on the Corsair K63

How to find the WINLOCK key on the Corsair K63

BIOS Toggle Procedure

For keyboards without a BIOS mode switch, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Hold down the WINLOCK key (Can't find it? See image above)
  2. Wait 5 seconds
  3. Now hold down the F1 key (so both keys are pressed)
  4. Wait 5 seconds
  5. Release WINLOCK - the Scroll Lock LED should blink
  6. After a second, release F1

The LED will continue to blink as the keyboard is in BIOS mode. To turn it off (and improve its gaming performance), do the steps again.

Keyboard Reset

If the steps above don't work, try doing a reset of the keyboard first:

  1. Unplug the keyboard
  2. Hold down the ESC key
  3. Plug the keyboard back into the computer (while holding down ESC)
  4. Wait 5 seconds
  5. Release the ESC key
  6. The keyboard blinking indicates a successful reset.

26 Responses to “Toggling BIOS mode on Corsair keyboards”

  1. Annie

    Thank you! I was so frustrated that my win-lock wasn’t working and this fixed it!

  2. Twister

    Thank you so much !!!!! I was so disappointed by my keyboard until I read your post !!!

  3. kian

    thank you so much my keyboard are fixed

  4. The Cybernaut

    They need to implement a faster method. Having to hold down two button for five seconds every time I need to restart is a massive pain in the you-know-what.

  5. jordab

    please tell me how to put a vengeance k60 keyboard into bios mode thank you !!!!

  6. Fernando

    Million thanks! I even considered changing my mobo. Since it’s quite old, I thought it may be due to compatibility issues. You saved me a shit ton of money!!!

  7. Jay

    How do I make Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE keyboard to work with PS4

  8. Mister X

    That worked perfectly for my Corsair K68. :) :)

  9. gringo

    not functioning; no cure

  10. Dudeman

    one other thing – you should check if there is a BIOS toggle on the end of your keyboard where the cable connects. I did all the steps above and nothing worked, but saw info about the toggle switch somewhere else and that then fixed it (I moved it from far left to far right).

  11. Nate Aeilts

    I’m with gringo. This doesn’t seem to work for me. Using a Corsair k95 rgb on a Dell xps 15 2-in-1. I’ve tried just about everything I can find online.

  12. Simon Fredsted

    It looks like there’s many different ways of toggling BIOS mode depending on the model of the keyboard. Some have a physical switch, for your K95, it looks like the keys are “B” and “S”. Very weird.

  13. Saverio

    Hi I am using a Corsair K55 keyboard on my PS4.
    I am able to use it to play but I’ve noticed that the key board will freeze as soon as one of the 104 keys are pressed following the accidental stroke of one of the 6 G-keys.

    Is there any way to disable the G-keys while in bios mode?
    Thanks Sav.

  14. Razz

    Dudeman had the right solution for me.

    I had no idea about the switch on the back. My cats must have knocked it to BIOS or something last night.

  15. Alejandro

    I got a k63 to use for Minecraft and COD on my PlayStation. Cant get the BIOS mode to work or anything to work at all. I want to figure out if it’s even possible to connect to a ps4 before returning.

  16. Le memer

    Tysm! I searched everywhere on the internet but noting but this worked. I was getting so worried because i accidently turned of BIOS mode. Forntually, i have a K55 and it still worked. I should stop having my computer next to while i sleep

  17. Le memer

    Uhh, so im back here, but for some reason its not working this time. Idk if im not counting the seconds right or-

  18. Pro5imian


    I have tried all the steps that I could possibly find online and nothing seems to be working for my brand new K65 Wireless. I also have a Corsair Strafe where entering/exiting bios takes half a second but I do not want to hassle with the cords when playin with console hence I bought K65. I do not know what else to try here? Any ideas, anyone? I tried WinLock+F1, WinLock+Esc+F1+Windows Key, WinLock+Esc+F1, I tried your method above, I tried they keyboard reset which ultimately was the only thing of all the tutorials that worked but it had no effect on the BIOS mode. I do not know what else I can do here …

  19. Viljar Lumi

    I am sorry for the double post. I cannot edit the last one, I meant K63.

  20. Brian

    K60 RGB PRO BIOS mode: Hold down S + B keys while plugging in the keyboard. Num + Caps + Scroll + WinKey lights will all flash during power up to indicate keyboard is in BIOS mode.

    Exit K60 RGB PRO BIOS mode: Hold down ESC key while unplugging the keyboard.

    Note: You cannot change color mode while in BIOS mode, so choose desired color mode before entering BIOS mode.

  21. R c meena

    I have k55 Corsair keyboard but it’s have
    Problem with few buttons are not working

  22. zidane

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