0 Jan 15, 2017

Simple Mac window management with BetterTouchTool

As a software developer, I not only work with lots of different windows on my computer screen, but with lots of different sets of windows. Not only am I dependent on windows being in different places, but in different sizes. As such, I need to manage all these windows in some way.

For example, I often need to have 3 browser windows open. Maybe one for documentation, one for a project management tool and one for testing. And then I’d of course want a text editor. Maybe for a while I’d like one of the windows to take up more space, so I move one to a different screen and make the other window larger.

It would take me a while to manually drag these windows to their right places.

Luckily, a program for Mac called BetterTouchTool allows me to easily define sets of hotkeys that carries out all this moving and sizing of windows. I find that it speeds up my workflow a lot – I can easily organise my desktop.

It’s even preferable to the Windows 7-style drag-to-maximize Snap feature since I don’t have to use my mouse at all.

Here’s the shortcuts I’ve defined:

Use the link below to download a BTT preset of these shortcuts.

Did you create any cool sets of shortcuts or workflow improvements with BetterTouchTool you want to share? Let us know in the comments.

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