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Feb 23 4 Sync SSH config across computers with Dropbox

Here’s a little time-saving tip for Mac OS X/Linux users: if you work with lots of different Macs and servers daily, store your SSH configuration file in dropbox, and create a symbolic link to it so you can sync it across your computers.

With this, once I add a new machine to my SSH config, it’s immediately available across all of my computers, my workstation, laptop, work machine, etc. I’m terrible at remembering hostnames and IP-addresses, so this comes in handy as I acquire control over more and more servers.

Also, you can of course extend this method to sync other types of configuration files, like your git config or bash profile. Dropbox is a neat tool!

Step 1

Create a folder in your Dropbox to store files like these.

mkdir ~/Dropbox/configs

Step 2

Move your ssh config to this folder. I just call it ssh-config.txt instead of simply config for easier access and as to not mix it up with other configuration files.

mv ~/.ssh/config ~/Dropbox/configs/ssh-config.txt

Step 3

Create a symbolic link to the new configuration file.

ln -s ~/Dropbox/configs/ssh-config.txt ~/.ssh/config

Feb 24 0 MacBook Pro update: ThunderBolt, up to 6 displays?

Today Apple updated their MacBook Pro line of notebooks and adding several substantial features. I think the biggest of them all was the introduction of ThunderBolt. A new, high-speed port that allows the user to daisy chain 6 devices. The port is more than twice as fast as USB 3.0 with its 10 Gbit transfer speed.

What makes ThunderBolt great is that by daisy-chaining, up to six can be linked up from a single port, and with simple adapters a Thunderbolt connection can be turned into HDMI, VGA, DVI, gigabit ethernet, FireWire or USB.

This means you could plug 6 DVI ports, connecting 6 displays to your notebook, where you could previously connect just 1 extra display. We’ll see if this will actually work when the first reviews begin to appear on the web.

In other news, a developer preview of Mac OS X Lion has been released today with several exciting features, including multitouch support, global auto-save, backup, versioning and fullscreen support. I can’t wait for it to be released this summer!